I Un-Installed Facebook From My Phone

I am not an early-morning person, especially in winter, especially in Melbourne winter. When the sun doesn’t rise until past 7:30am, and our flimsy wall heater just isn’t cutting it, I’m overcome by waves of nausea, crazy-high amounts of stress, and a desire to stay buried under the covers. 

Once I’m out of bed, I’m fine — the anxiety goes away with that first cup of coffee, and I can think about the day ahead without getting overwhelmed. I envy those who wake up smiling every day. 

When my early-morning stress is overwhelming, the easiest distraction is inches away from my bed. I pull out my phone, avoid anything that could possibly bring on more stress (email, Twitter, Google Analytics) and crawl back to that first love of social media addicts: Facebook. Man, I love aimlessly scrolling through photos of my friends’ kids, pets and holidays. Instant de-stressor. Unfortunately, it’s also the quickest way to stall my morning. 

So I’ve removed it from my phone. Thankfully, Fb Messenger (the default way of communicating in my social group, though I wish we’d go back to email!) works even when Facebook is un-installed. There’s a great big Internet full of distractions out there, but somehow removing that one app makes it much harder to start my day with completely useless distraction. 

Uninstalling Facebook was the best thing I could have done for my weird morning stress. Highly recommended. 

1 thought on “I Un-Installed Facebook From My Phone”

  1. I’m a advocate of conserving and using time properly. So the first step I took was deleting the facebook app and keeping facebook messenger so I can keep in touch with friends abroad without the time-wasting distraction of "facebook scrolling". Then I deleted the messenger as well since I was chatting wastefully with people just for the sake of conversation. The next and final step was to stay logged out of facebook on my computers. This way, when I automatically type the every-too-familiar letters on my keyboard "f" "a" and are without a conscious effort taken to facebook, I would at least meet another step to wasting my time. Since then, I’ve actually disconnected from facebook almost all together and I’ve never been so productive in my life (actually productive… not self-serving so-called productivity).
    Thanks for the post, and good luck with everything.

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