Marika and I spent a week driving from beautiful Airlie Beach, Queensland, to equally beautiful Byron Bay, New South Wales. 

I’ve been known to not really take vacations. Every trip I took while I worked at Flippa was, at least in part, a business trip (to a conference, to a meetup, working remotely). Even on true days off, I check email constantly. 

This time, I gave up on my inbox by Tuesday. Earlier today, I noticed an especially good article (this one) by one of my colleagues and congratulated him for it… over Twitter. I’m not checking email until Monday morning. 

I realised a few things during the trip: 

  • We all need space to work through challenges. In my case, I had to explain the problems I’m working on to a friend who doesn’t work with me in order to see things in a new light. It’s impossible to take that space when we’re constantly on the clock. 
  • Les cimetières sont pleins de gens irremplaçables. Work will go on just as it had before while I take some time off for myself; if something happens and they truly need me, my phone number is in my email signature — they can call. 
  • The fear of missing out leads to, well, missing out. While my brain was still at the office, I spent too much time thinking through roadblocks and wondering what was happening, and not enough time admiring the view, swimming in the waves, and meeting new people. 

My former guilt at taking time off is gone. Going away for awhile and focusing on other things was exactly what I needed. 

What’s your attitude towards vacation? 


2 thoughts on “Vacation!”

  1. That! No phone, or if I need it for maps, I turn off syncing and updates. On weekends, I just leave it on the desk or, if I’m feeling like I need something stronger, psychologically speaking, I just shut it down.

    Your time is your time 🙂 That point you make about FOMO is a great one, too.

    1. Turning off updates was a revelation. I used my phone constantly for navigation, but I couldn’t see my inbox count, new Twitter updates, or any of the millions of things that pop up on my screen every day.

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