Good Things Ahead

nice dark carnival milky way

Two years ago, J. and I had just moved to Melbourne. I was still freelancing, scraping together rent money from multiple writing, translation, and video description contracts. In November of that year, I randomly met Leni and Dave at an event, and started working at Flippa shortly after. It was, in one word, luck.   

This week is my last week at Flippa  — as of Monday, I’ll be working at SitePoint. That’s pretty incredible to me: SitePoint is one of the web’s most respected resources, a living legend, with a huge, vibrant, dedicated community, and I  get to add my voice to the mix. Humbled. 

The next few days will be a blur, I’m sure, as I pass on everything I’ve been doing to the rest of Flippa’s fantastic team. And the weeks after that will be filled to the brim with new: new team, new content, new topics, new community.  

I’m looking forward to it. Good things ahead.